Counties and municipalities are invaluable partners in Maryland’s efforts to grow smarter and greener. Leading by example, they are working to revitalize communities, prepare for the impacts of climate change and promote green programs and services to residents. When our local governments take action, businesses and citizens follow suit!

Maryland Energy Administration Awards $4 Million in Grants to Fight Climate Change

On May 31, the Maryland Energy Administration awarded over $4 million in grant funding to 9 Maryland counties, Baltimore City and 26 municipalities as part of the Maryland Smart Energy Communities Program. This new program helps county, city and local governments reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy innovation and petroleum reduction. Learn more...

Crisfield Mayor Signs Wind Turbine Contract

In March, the Board of Public Works approved $3.6 million in funds for construction of a 750-kilowatt wind turbine next to Crisfield’s sewage treatment plant. The turbine is expected to generate more than enough electricity to power the sewer plant and will save Crisfield $150,000 to $200,000 per year. Learn more...

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  • Recycle
  • Conserve Energy
  • Use Less Water
  • Drive Less - Use Transit
  • Pick Up After Your Pet
  • Dispose of Chemicals Properly
  • Eat Locally Grown Food
  • Install a Rain Barrel
  • Plant a Rain Garden
  • Fertilize Wisely
  • Plant a Tree
  • Volunteer Locally